Aquarium Basics Guide

The purpose of these articles is to guide you through the basics of selecting an aquarium and setting it up properly, regardless of what it will ultimately hold. Everything starts with finding a tank that’s just right for your needs. Aquariums once full can be quite heavy and once they’re in place there’s no moving them without significant work so getting it right the first time is crucial.


001: The Responsibility That Comes With An Aquarium

Every pet comes with a certain level of responsibility and an aquarium is no different. Fish are like any other pet- at least some small level of input, in the form of both time and money, is necessary to keep things running. Fish in a properly maintained aquarium can live for a long time, too. Making sure it’s something you really want and are prepared to look after for the long haul is something that’s best to figure out before you get too far in.


002: Choosing An Appropriate Aquarium Type And Size

Despite being a pretty simple thing, lots of options are available when it comes to the type of aquarium you buy. There are different materials, and configurations, and styles, and of course lots and lots of shapes. Likewise there are a lot of different sizes. So how do you choose just one? Learning what’s available is a good place to start. Understanding how this choice will affect what you keep is good, too. Ultimately, it’s about finding a tank that meets the needs of whatever it is you wish to keep as well as your budget and personal taste.


003: Finding An Appropriate Location to Set Up Your Aquarium

Simply put, aquariums are heavy! And while they are built to be as strong as possible they still need a good solid spot to reside if they hope to stay together. Beyond keeping it in one piece, choosing the right location can make a real difference in how well your tank does in the long run as well. It can also mean the difference between maintenance being a quick chore or a major undertaking.


004: Getting Your Aquarium Into Place

Once your tank is filled with water there’s no moving it without a whole lot of work emptying it out again. Best you get it in exactly the right place the first time. This means making sure it’s level and centered on its stand. It also means making sure you have plenty of room around and particularly behind it to work. There’s nothing more annoying than realizing too late you can’t reach the plug behind the tank!


What Is An Aquarium Sump And Why Do You Need One?

A sump is basically a secondary tank, hidden away in your aquarium stand or off to the side somewhere. It provides more flexibility and choice in terms of what other equipment you can use. But, even on its own, a sump can bring several different benefits to the table depending on how it’s configured. If you have the room and the budget it’s definitely something to consider.


Picking A Filter For Your Aquarium Setup

You don’t need me to tell you there are a lot of choices when it comes to filters. To make selecting one a little easier, here is a breakdown of the types that are available as well as some advantages and disadvantages. Also included is a guide to understanding what it is a good filter should do for you anyway.


Controlling Algae In Your Aquarium

Quick! Name a problem people have with their aquariums. Chances are you said algae. Every tank has algae- it’s inevitable. The key, as the title hints, is control. Keeping algae in check is all about understanding its needs and how to limit them. With proper control, algae can be a welcome and even beneficial part of your aquarium setup.


Upgrading From a Freshwater Tank To A Saltwater Tank

It’s a pretty common route- set up a basic freshwater aquarium, learn the ropes, get your feet wet (hopefully not literally), then move on to a marine tank. Luckily much of what you’ve learned is transferable, though only as a foundation. A saltwater tank brings new challenges and other things to consider. There are new things to learn and new things to try. But hey, that’s half the fun!


What To Do With Your Aquarium When You Go On Vacation

If only water were lighter! While bringing the cat or dog over to a friend’s house while you’re gone is easy enough your tank is staying right where it is. So how do you keep it in good shape while you’re away? Well, with a the right prep and a little planning ahead your aquarium will do just fine, whether you’ll be gone for just a few days or the whole summer.


Quarantine Tanks- The Why and How of Setup








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