Freshwater Aquarium Setup Guide

On this page you will find links to articles covering everything you need to know to successfully set up and maintain a thriving freshwater aquarium. From what equipment is necessary to initial setup to adding life and keeping it alive in the long run- everything is here. With the knowledge you gain you can avoid many of the common mistakes and problems that all too often plague first time aquarists and do it right the first time. Follow along and your freshwater aquarium will be up and running before you know it!


The Basics Of Freshwater Aquarium Setup:

001: Basic Equipment For A Freshwater Aquarium

Even the simplest freshwater aquarium still requires a few pieces of equipment. A filter is the most important and the one just about everyone knows. There’s also a heater, air and/or water pump, and a few other things you may want or need depending on what type of aquarium setup you’re going for. Learn which items you’ll need and how to pick the right ones here.


002: Setting Up Your Freshwater Aquarium

Once you have everything you need to set up your freshwater aquarium you’ll need to put it all together. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward process, but even so there are a few tips and tricks that can help expedite the process and avoid any headaches or setbacks.


003: Cycling Your New Freshwater Aquarium

Have you ever heard the expression ‘hurry up and wait’? That’s a pretty accurate description of this necessary but often overlooked step to aquarium setup. The goal of cycling an aquarium is to cultivate a few specific species of bacteria that will aid in filtration. It’s a very simple and easy process, but does require a bit of input on your part to get right. It also tends to take a few weeks to complete, hence the hurry up and wait.


004: Adding Fish To A Freshwater Aquarium

When your aquarium setup is all together, filled with water, and fully cycled it’s finally time for what you’ve been working towards this whole time- adding your first fish. So, you just chuck ’em in right? Well, not if you want their survival to be based on more than good luck. There are a few things to consider, both in how you add fish now as well as planning for future additions.


005: Maintaining Your Freshwater Aquarium Setup

An aquarium is often thought of as if it were a piece of furniture- how it fits into the decor of the room and so on. But unlike a sofa, your aquarium requires regular input to keep it in good shape. I suppose that metaphor doesn’t work so well if you take better care of your furniture than I, but the point remains. Once your tank is up and running it will still need continual effort beyond just feeding the fish to keep it running.


Other Freshwater Aquarium Setup Topics:

Great Fish For Your First Freshwater Aquarium

If you’re starting an aquarium there’s a pretty good chance you’re gonna want some fish to fill it. But which fish? There are a load of choices, some good and some, well, not so much. Here’s a handy guide to some great choices for the beginning aquarist as well as which species to avoid. Likewise, find out what makes a good aquarium fish in the first place.


Common Problems And Solutions For Freshwater Aquariums

Ahhh, problems… they’re all but inevitable. Despite your best efforts something will go wrong eventually. But fear not- you’re not the first. Countless people have been there before and through trial and error, intuition, or good old dumb luck have come up with a solution. And, even if you haven’t encountered these problems before knowing a bit about them isn’t a bad idea either. With any luck and a bit of knowledge you can hopefully avoid them in the first place.


So You Didn’t Cycle Your Aquarium Before Adding Fish

Quite possibly the number one problem new aquarium owners face- new tank syndrome. Cycling your tank is a crucial step to making it safe for life. The problem is even if you’re entirely unaware of its existence the cycling process tends to happen anyway, usually at the expense of your fish. Then you get replacement fish and everything seems fine leading to confusion over what even happened. But don’t fret. Even if you’ve made it as far as adding fish without first cycling your tank there is still hope. All it takes is an understanding of what the process entails and how to safeguard your fish from the bumpy ride.


Caring For Goldfish

I think just about everyone has kept a goldfish at some point in their lives. They’re a definite contender for most popular pet fish of all time. The trouble is, they’re not quite like most other common tropical fish- in fact they’re not tropical at all. They have their own unique needs that are often overlooked, from their preferred water parameters to their diet. Luckily, these needs aren’t hard to meet once you know what they are and doing so will go a long way towards keeping your goldfish happy and healthy.


Freshwater Fish Diseases- Signs, Causes, And Cures


Quarantine Tanks- The Why and How of Setup







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