Saltwater Aquarium Setup Guide

The articles listed here will guide you through everything necessary to successfully set up and maintain a thriving saltwater aquarium. Even a basic saltwater aquarium is a good bit more complicated than it’s freshwater counterpart, and as such there’s a bit more to cover. Even so, you’ll find everything you need to know here. From picking the right equipment to setting it up to adding life and keeping it alive- everything is covered. And with the knowledge you gain here you can avoid many of the problems that all too often plague with time saltwater aquarium keepers as well. Follow along and you’ll have a beautiful and thriving reef in no time!


The Basics Of Saltwater Aquarium Setup:

001: Saltwater Aquarium Equipment Part One: Filtration

I think it’s reasonable to assume that pretty much everyone knows every aquarium needs a filter. When it comes to filters, there are tons and tons of options- many of which are great and will do the job just fine. So how do you find the right one? Well, filtration is generally broken down into a couple different categories and every filter will cover at least one if not all of them. Likewise, every type of filter has some strengths and weaknesses which you can use to pick the one that’s both right for you and that will meet the tank’s needs.


002: Saltwater Aquarium Equipment Part Two: Temperature Control

Keeping the temperature stable is extremely important in a saltwater aquarium setup. It’s not so much the temperature change that’s the problem but rather what changes with it- namely salinity. Changes in salinity are very hard on marine life. Luckily controlling the temperature is pretty easy, or at least keeping the tank warm enough is. Keeping it cool is another matter and can sometimes require creative solutions, especially if your budget is tight.


003: Saltwater Aquarium Equipment Part Three: Lighting

The fish and corals of the ocean are pretty much known for their bright colors and vibrant patterns- it’s a major reason to want a marine tank in the first place. But if you want to see those colors in your home you’re going to need the right lighting. Under the lights you’d find on the average freshwater tank most marine fish actually look quite dull. And in the case of corals, which depend on light to survive, choosing an appropriate setup is critical. Fortunately there are lots of great options these days for whatever it is you wish to keep.


004: Saltwater Aquarium Equipment Part Four: Water Movement And Tools

The water on the reef is always in motion. Always. From clearing away waste to delivering dinner, recreating this wave action is essential to keeping a saltwater aquarium setup healthy. Even in a basic fish only aquarium plenty of water movement is important. And in a reef tank the basic rule is the more motion the better. Beyond simple pumps, several options are available to help bring the motion of the ocean to your tank.


005: Setting Up Your Saltwater Aquarium

Once you’ve finally collected all the bits and pieces it’s finally time to put them all together and get this thing running. It’s a lot like setting up a freshwater aquarium with the added step of making the water nice and salty. There also can be quite a bit of fiddling to get everything in place, working correctly, and most importantly leak free as well as getting the parameters stable and ready to support life.


006: Essential Parameters For a Saltwater Aquarium

The ocean is a complex blend to say the least- made up of countless compounds and a menagerie of molecules. And it’s fairly consistent too. Take a sample from anywhere in the world and it will closely match another sample from anywhere else. As you can imagine much of the life in the ocean has become quite accustomed to having things a certain way. Keeping the parameters of the water in your marine aquarium within their natural range is paramount to success. Of course, if you kept an eye on every last aspect of the tank’s water you’d lose your mind. Luckily, aquarists have sorted out what’s important and what’s not. These are the essential parameters and their values for a saltwater aquarium setup.


007: Curing Live Rock And Cycling Your Saltwater Aquarium

Live rock (essentially bits of rock that have broken away from a natural reef), while not absolutely necessary, is highly recommended for your first marine tank as it provides all sorts of benefits. Unfortunately, it’s often not in the best of shape after making a trip halfway around the world to you. Curing is the process of getting the live rock back into a useful condition. At the same time, your tank will be cycled. If you’ve kept a freshwater tank then you may know a bit about what this entails, but if not it’s essentially a process that cultivates bacteria that aid in filtration. All in all this is where the real fun begins!


008: Adding Fish, Corals, And Invertebrates To A Saltwater Aquarium

If you’re in the process of, or at least considering, setting up a marine aquarium then you likely already have a decent idea of how to add fish to a freshwater tank. You know- float the bag, wait a bit, then ease ’em into their new home. The process, known as acclimation, is similar here but with an extra consideration- water chemistry. In addition to normalizing the temperature you also have to adjust the water’s makeup to match. And, once your new treasure is safe in their new home the job isn’t necessarily over either. Many marine creatures, corals in particular, can take quite some time to fully adjust and will need extra attention to ensure they make it successfully.


009: Maintaining Your Saltwater Aquarium Setup

Just because the tank is up and running doesn’t mean your work is over. Oh no no no, the fun is just beginning! Every aquarium big or small requires some level of input to keep it in good shape. Feeding your fish is of course the most common and obvious. Then there’s the ever popular water changes, and cleaning, and a handful of other tasks that come up every now and again. Once you get the hang of things it really isn’t all that much work. Likewise, staying on top of things is the best way to prevent problems which can really eat up time.


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