What Is An Aquarium Sump And Why Do You Need One?

A sump, when related to an aquarium, is basically just a secondary tank positioned somewhere below the main tank and that is fed with water by way of gravity. The water is returned to the main tank with a pump once it has been processed in the sump. Generally, the volume of the main tank will pass through the sump a couple of times an hour. The sump itself can be configured in a number of different ways to provide specific functions that benefit the main tank in some way.   First and foremost a sump, even in it’s simplest … Continue reading

002: Saltwater Aquarium Equipment Part Two: Temperature Control

In a saltwater aquarium a consistent temperature, somewhere between about 76 and 80 degrees, is especially important. Changes in temperature affect the salinity of the water, and quick changes in salinity are very hard on most marine creatures. The most effective way to maintain your tank’s temperature is with a heater and a chiller. To pick an appropriately sized heater, take your aquarium’s size, in gallons, and multiply it by five to calculate the wattage. Most heaters will work fine, but do not pick one with a stainless steel outer case. The steel will rust in the saltwater environment.   … Continue reading

001: Basic Equipment For A Freshwater Aquarium

Even the simplest freshwater aquarium requires some basic equipment to keep running. Typically for a freshwater aquarium setup this equipment can include a filter, an air pump, a heater, and a cover with a light. Lots of other gadgets and gizmos are available to solve a variety of problems or make your tank more interesting, but these are the core items you’ll need.   The filter is probably the most important piece of equipment for any aquarium, freshwater or otherwise. Without one, the water quality will quickly drop and the tank’s inhabitants will begin to die. A filter keeps the … Continue reading