What To Do With Your Aquarium When You Go On Vacation

All pet owners face the issue from time to time of what to do when they want to, or have to, travel. With most pets it’s pretty simple. Cats, dogs, and the like are easy to move and even non pet people know enough to meet their basic needs. But fish are different. Unless the tank is tiny then it’s not going anywhere and while most people know fish need food the knowledge stops there. And even just properly feeding a tank can be a challenge for someone unfamiliar with fish. Even more so an aquarium relies heavily on lots … Continue reading

Controlling Algae In Your Aquarium

What is Algae? Algae are a very diverse group of simple mostly unicellular organisms. Many of the various groups of algae types are not even closely related so it’s easier to understand why they can take such a wide array of growth forms, patterns and reproductive strategies among other differences. They are not plants, as even multicellular species lack the organization and specialization typical of plant cells. Algae typically function in much the same way, however- by gathering simple nutrients from their surrounds and converting them to food through photosynthesis, releasing oxygen as a byproduct. Overall algae’s needs are pretty … Continue reading

005: Maintaining Your Freshwater Aquarium Setup

Even once your freshwater aquarium is up and running your work isn’t finished. Diligent maintenance is required to maintain any tank. Typical tasks involve such things as feeding your fish and making sure all the equipment is still functioning as it should. And cleaning, lots of cleaning which I just know is everyone’s favorite activity! Luckily most of the work is small tasks that don’t require much time. But whether it’s big or small, try to set a regular schedule to perform these activities when you first start. Once they’re a part of your routine it’ll barely feel like work … Continue reading