Freshwater Fish Diseases- Signs, Causes, And Cures

It’s a fine lazy day and you’re just kicking back and enjoying the aquarium you’ve worked so hard to set up. But wait, something’s off. One of your fish looks like he’s been rolling in the sand. And another seems to have less fins than you remember. And still another is so swollen he looks as though he’s about to burst. All in all, it looks as though your fish are sick! Yup, keep fish long enough and it’s something you’ll have to face eventually, and usually fairly early unfortunately. You see, illness is often preventable, but typically we only … Continue reading

005: Maintaining Your Freshwater Aquarium Setup

Even once your freshwater aquarium is up and running your work isn’t finished. Diligent maintenance is required to maintain any tank. Typical tasks involve such things as feeding your fish and making sure all the equipment is still functioning as it should. And cleaning, lots of cleaning which I just know is everyone’s favorite activity! Luckily most of the work is small tasks that don’t require much time. But whether it’s big or small, try to set a regular schedule to perform these activities when you first start. Once they’re a part of your routine it’ll barely feel like work … Continue reading