Caring For Goldfish

Caring for goldfish isn’t all that different from caring for any other fish. A clean home with room to grow, meals delivered to their front door, and maybe some decor to give the place a bit of class is about all they ask for. None the less, some of their requirements do vary a bit from those of most other common aquarium fish. They’re not hard to meet, but doing so is key to keeping a happy and healthy goldfish.   Size The number one thing that seems to slip past most people looking to keep goldfish is that they … Continue reading

Upgrading From a Freshwater Tank To A Saltwater Tank

It seems eventually every successful freshwater aquarist thinks about moving on to a marine tank. It’s easy to see why- the ocean’s bounty is vast with all manner of interesting and often incredibly colorful creatures. But few actually go on to actually set up their first saltwater aquarium. They’re held back by their concerns. These concerns would be perfectly valid were you to dive right in with little to no knowledge or strategy as happens far too often. But with the proper understanding and planning setting up your first saltwater aquarium can be much easier than you had hoped.   … Continue reading

So You Didn’t Cycle Your Aquarium Before Adding Fish

All too often the question comes up online- why are my new fish dieing? The first answer is usually another question- did you cycle your tank? Nearly every time the answer is no.   The aquarium cycling process is a very important step that’s skipped far too often by beginners. This usually leads to dead fish and a frustrated aquarist. But fear not! Even if you didn’t cycle your tank before adding fish all hope is not lost.   First, a quick overview on what this cycle is and why it’s important. Basically, all of your fish are continually releasing … Continue reading

Common Problems And Solutions For Freshwater Aquariums

When it comes to aquariums problems are inevitable. Old or new, big or small- it doesn’t matter. Problems will appear. Finding the cause and fixing it before things get out of hand is key to long term success. They also present a good opportunity to learn a little more about how your aquarium functions and how to keep it healthier in the future. The majority of problems ultimately boil down to an issue with water quality. This isn’t surprising, as the water is pretty much the most important part of a successful aquarium setup. Nonetheless, just what exactly is wrong … Continue reading

005: Maintaining Your Freshwater Aquarium Setup

Even once your freshwater aquarium is up and running your work isn’t finished. Diligent maintenance is required to maintain any tank. Typical tasks involve such things as feeding your fish and making sure all the equipment is still functioning as it should. And cleaning, lots of cleaning which I just know is everyone’s favorite activity! Luckily most of the work is small tasks that don’t require much time. But whether it’s big or small, try to set a regular schedule to perform these activities when you first start. Once they’re a part of your routine it’ll barely feel like work … Continue reading

004: Adding Fish To A Freshwater Aquarium

With your tank fully cycled it’s finally time to start adding fish. Ideally you already have an idea of what it is you want to keep and in what quantities. However, assuming you want to have a fairly fully stocked aquarium, it’s best not to add all of the fish at once. Instead they should be added a few at a time over the course of a couple weeks. Adding all the fish at once can potentially overwhelm the filtration and lead to deaths. The only exception to this rule is if you intend to keep a large amount of … Continue reading

003: Cycling Your New Freshwater Aquarium

The real heart of any aquarium’s filtration, freshwater or marine, is bacteria. Beneficial bacteria consume and break down the waste products produced by any fish or other animals within the system, namely ammonia. Without them the ammonia levels within the tank can become toxic within days or even hours. The goal of cycling is to establish a healthy colony of beneficial bacteria within the tank to prevent this. Well, actually two colonies: the first to consume the ammonia and convert it to nitrite, and the second to consume the nitrite and turn it into nitrate. Most fish can tolerate nitrate … Continue reading

002: Setting Up Your Freshwater Aquarium

Assuming your tank is in place and ready to go, it’s time to begin adding water. A garden hose comes in handy here, but a bucket or pitcher will work just as well. Aim for room temperature water. Make sure to add a chlorine/chloramine remover at the recommended dosage to make the water fish safe. At this point, only fill the tank to about 80% capacity since the decorations and equipment that have yet to be added will need some room of their own.   If you’ve decided on an under gravel filter or cable heater, make sure to get … Continue reading

001: Basic Equipment For A Freshwater Aquarium

Even the simplest freshwater aquarium requires some basic equipment to keep running. Typically for a freshwater aquarium setup this equipment can include a filter, an air pump, a heater, and a cover with a light. Lots of other gadgets and gizmos are available to solve a variety of problems or make your tank more interesting, but these are the core items you’ll need.   The filter is probably the most important piece of equipment for any aquarium, freshwater or otherwise. Without one, the water quality will quickly drop and the tank’s inhabitants will begin to die. A filter keeps the … Continue reading