Great Fish For Your First Saltwater Aqaurium

If you’re considering a saltwater aquarium then you probably already have some ideas of the fish you want to keep. You may not know all their names but you at least have a mental image of what they look like and can picture them swimming happily up and down your tank already. But before you get too far ahead of yourself, let’s take a closer look at those fish and see if you’re headed for a tropical paradise or a underwater disaster.   What makes a good starter fish? First, we need to determine just what it is that makes … Continue reading

008: Adding Fish, Corals, And Invertebrates To A Saltwater Aquarium

Once your saltwater aquarium is fully cycled and the rock fully cured it’s finally time to start stocking it with life. Hopefully you already have in mind at least a general idea of what you want to keep. But regardless of whether you plan on only keeping a few simple fish or a full reef a good first addition is a cleanup crew. This will consist of several varieties of snails, crabs, and other detritivores that will keep algae and detritus buildup at bay. Not only will these critters help finish cleaning up the fresh rock but they are also … Continue reading