Marine Fish Diseases- Signs, Causes, And Cures

The world of disease is persistent if nothing else. For every life form out there, there’s another one looking to get ahead by ruining the first one’s day. Your fish are no exception. And, much like with the various illnesses that can befall humans, there are a ton of different afflictions marine fish can encounter. This guide doesn’t cover every last one but instead focuses on spotting and curing the handful of diseases you are most likely to encounter. First, a few general notes on how to approach illnesses:   Spotting Illness When an illness breaks out catching it early … Continue reading

What Is An Aquarium Sump And Why Do You Need One?

A sump, when related to an aquarium, is basically just a secondary tank positioned somewhere below the main tank and that is fed with water by way of gravity. The water is returned to the main tank with a pump once it has been processed in the sump. Generally, the volume of the main tank will pass through the sump a couple of times an hour. The sump itself can be configured in a number of different ways to provide specific functions that benefit the main tank in some way.   First and foremost a sump, even in it’s simplest … Continue reading

006: Essential Parameters For a Saltwater Aquarium

Now is a good time to talk about the essential parameters that must be maintained to successfully keep a marine aquarium. Seawater is a complex mixture, containing every known element in a plethora of compounds. Matching that makeup is crucial to the success of any marine tank. While a good salt mix will come very close to matching natural seawater initially, the makeup can quickly change as the inhabitants of the aquarium consume and change them. Here is a quick breakdown of the essential parameters that are typically monitored for a saltwater aquarium.   salinity/specific gravity: 34-36ppt/1.025-1.027 Both are a … Continue reading